Do I Need Braces Before Getting Veneers?

Hi, I’m Dr Peter Poulos, your Sydney Cosmetic Dentist here in Bondi Junction in Sydney.

Two days ago, I had a smile consultation with a new patient, Catherine from Bellevue Hill. She came in to discuss the Perfect 10™, a proprietary veneer system that we have developed here at Sydney Cosmetic Dentist. Now, during our conversation, she said to me, “Peter, I’ve got crooked teeth. Do I need to get braces before getting veneers?”

With many years of working with veneer patients, this is one of the most common questions that we get during the initial conversations. So I thought I’d be a good time to make a short video to help you gain more insight about dental veneers and crooked teeth.

Amongst others, one of the main reasons that people want to get veneers is because their teeth are not aligned properly or are crooked. The ideology is, that the more straight your teeth are in easy veneer cases, the less preparation you will need to do.

So do you need braces before getting veneers? If the teeth are crooked. If they are not straight, if they are grossly out of line, then yes, the answer is yes. This can be achieved in the form of traditional brackets and wires on your teeth, or in simple cases, with the evolving clear aligner approach such as Invisalign.

Now, in more complex situations, there are other elements to consider when you are looking at the need or the requirement for braces and/or aligners before veneers. The issue that we always tell patients is this: you can align your teeth orthodontically, but once they are aligned, they are still the same teeth. They still have the same chips, stains, cracks, and deficiencies that can only be corrected with veneers. In some cases, you will need to go beyond veneers and also consider crowns for some of these defects.

Do I Need Braces Before Getting Veneers In Bondi, Bondi Junction, Sydney At Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

So the right approach for you will be decided at the actual planning phase and recommendation phase. At this point, if your teeth only need slight alignment and correction, we can usually achieve that with veneers because we’re also addressing the issues of shape, colour, and the concerns of your teeth with our Perfect 10™ treatment. Now, when it comes to more moderate and severe changes, braces may well be key.

But some patients also don’t want to go down the road of braces, and we will essentially educate and support them with the right recommendations. We will give you an option that shows you what can be achieved by doing veneers and/or crowns without braces. This allows you to actually realise and see how much preparation of the teeth you’re going to require.

At this point, we will assess the individual teeth and share with you any potential complications that may arise by proceeding without braces. Then, we’ll give you what the solution will be for these complications.

Once we have done that, it’s up to you to make the decision of which treatment modality you would like to pursue.

In summary, not everyone needs braces or orthodontics before veneers. If there is a requirement for braces, we will tell you that you should have braces or clear aligners before having veneers.

If you choose not to go down that road, we will then also show you how we intend to achieve the result without that. But then it becomes your decision on which way to go.

Either way, we only practice and commit to dentistry that I know will predictably and safely work in my hands.

So I hope you find this video insightful. If you’ve been thinking about getting dental veneers, our Perfect 10™ might be the perfect solution for you.

Simply call us on 02 9369 1236, complete the form on the website, or send us a message on social media, and we’ll be in touch to help you organise a consultation. See you in our next video.

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