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1 Introduction

Digital Smile Design in Bondi, Bondi Junction, Sydney - Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

Your smile displays your unique personality and is your signature to the world. With digital smile design services, you can have a smile custom-designed to bring out your best assets and improve your oral health. Dr Peter Poulos, your Sydney Cosmetic Dentist in Bondi Junction, can custom design a fully functional and beautiful smile using a system to help you see the results before we begin treatment, so you get the smile you desire and deserve.


What is Digital Smile Design?

 Digital Smile DesignDigital Smile Design, or DSD, is a dental solution and system created to help meet the patients’ needs and expectations of aesthetically enhancing their smiles. Using digital technology to help the patient visualise results with a digital mockup of their new smile can improve communication between the patient and dentist to ensure a positive and predictable outcome.

Aside from being a digital tool, the Digital Smile Design system does not work on its own. Dr Peter Poulos’ expertise and experience will guide the process. During the initial conversation, he will ensure you are educated about your current state of oral health, how your goals can be reached from your current situation and any limitations that might be in the way. He will then custom-design your future smile using a combination of appropriate treatments that are based on your desired outcome.

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The Technology

Digital Smile Design Technology in Bondi, Bondi Junction, Sydney - Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

The technology of the DSD system includes a vast array of diagnostic tools that help inform us of your oral health and plan your customised treatment path. These tools may include digital photos, scans and x-rays and possible video recordings of your jaw and facial movements.

With the help of these tools, Dr Peter Poulos can first identify and treat any oral health problems to ensure your new smile is based on a strong foundation. We will then plan your treatment, and together, we will find the ideal pathway to help you reach your oral health goals and create your ideal smile.

Digital Smile Design Technology in Bondi, Bondi Junction, Sydney - Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

4 Benefits

The Benefits of Digital Smile Design

The Digital Smile Design system allows you to see the outcome of your treatment before it begins. This empowers you to take charge of your oral health and work with us as Dr Peter Poulos guides you through the process of bringing your dream smile to life. Some of the many benefits of DSD include the following:
Your first dental exam with us is what Dr Peter Poulos likes to call the Initial Conversation. He will learn about you and your desires as he educates you about your current oral health and how you can work together to improve it and reach your oral health goals.

You will have options including dental veneers, crowns, bridges and implants, along with many other treatments we provide to bring your dream smile to life.

The DSD system allows for open communication between you and our team so you can be assured that we all are working toward the same goals.
Dr Peter Poulos is conservative because he understands that your natural teeth are important, while cost is a factor for many patients today.
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Dental Solutions for Digital Smile Design

Each patient has unique needs and goals for their oral health. Using a combination of dental solutions will help us reach those unique goals for the ultimate patient outcome and satisfaction. The following are some of the treatments that may be used to create your unique smile.
Teeth Whitening

with Zoom! In-Chair treatment for the most dramatic whitening in the shortest time

Clear Aligners

to straighten teeth for a discreet and comfortable treatment


help align teeth or improve another area of the mouth that will improve oral health

Dental Crowns

will cover and protect a chipped or broken tooth and restore your bite

Porcelain Veneers

are used to improve the look and function of your teeth that show when you smile

Dental Bridges

can replace a missing tooth or a series of missing teeth so you can eat with comfort and smile with ease

Cosmetic tooth-coloured bonding

to repair teeth with cavities

Dental implants

to replace your missing teeth and save your facial feature from the sallow, aged look that comes with a deteriorating jawbone

The Perfect 10™

system for patients who want to take advantage of modern veneer technology to quickly achieve a Hollywood-style smile

Your treatments will be individualised to your needs. Dr Peter Poulos is experienced and skilled with Digital Smile Designs, so you can be assured that you will get the results you are looking for.


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Download Our Complimentary Price List

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7 Dental Concerns

Dental Concerns that are Fixed With DSD

Dental Concerns That Are Fixed With DSD In Bondi, Bondi Junction, Sydney Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

When you use Digital Smile Design to upgrade your smile, you’re getting more than beautiful teeth. You get improved oral health, which is a natural part of a healthy smile. Straight teeth without problems like chips or cracks are easier to care for and clean, greatly reducing the ability for bacteria to hide and cause infections and decay.

In addition, when your teeth are aligned, and issues such as a crossbite or underbite are fixed, future problems such as worn or cracked teeth can be avoided.

Some of the issues that we can fix while we upgrade your smile include:

Malocclusions or crooked teeth

Crowded or gapped teeth
Teeth with overly worn enamel
Damaged teeth
Stained teeth

No matter what your problem, it can be repaired during your smile makeover or upgrade. You will enjoy a beautiful smile and improved oral health for years to come.

8 Candidate

Are You a Candidate?

Fortunately, most patients who want to use the Digital Smile Design system can. Our team’s philosophy is to help anyone achieve a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry while at the same time improving their oral health. When you come to Dr Peter Poulos for your initial conversation, he will discuss the DSD system with you so you can see if it suits your needs and goals.

When you use the DSD system, you can choose to get a complete smile makeover in the shortest time possible or let us know if you prefer getting treatment in stages. This system is designed as a solution to open the communication between patient and doctor, so you are empowered to make the best decision for you.

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Digital Smile Design in Bondi, Bondi Junction, Sydney - Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

If you are ready for your new smile with Digital Smile Design, call today and schedule a dental visit. We look forward to meeting you.

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