What Happens at Your Initial Consultation?

Hi, I’m Dr Peter Poulos, your Sydney Cosmetic Dentist here at Bondi Junction in Sydney.

In this video, I will walk you through the initial consultation process here at Sydney Cosmetic Dentist, or what I call the “initial conversation”.

At Sydney Cosmetic Dentist, we don’t do an initial consultation in the traditional form that other practices do. We call it an initial conversation.

The reason why we do that is because the first appointment is about us working out the detective story behind your teeth. Initially, I am not as interested in why you think you need dental treatment, as I am in working out the real reason why you are here, to work out the real issues that are going on in your mouth. A lot of the time, patients don’t realise the exact issues with their teeth.

The approach that we take is one reference from an innovative American prosthodontist, Dr Naif Sinada, who quite eloquently summed up the patient diagnostic experience as “there’s only one diagnosis, but a number of treatment options”. This approach allows us to definitively tailor treatment to your needs! As opposed to trying to fit traditional treatment approaches to your mouth.

What Happens at Your Initial Consultation In Bondi, Bondi Junction, Sydney - Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

So essentially our first session is a screening session where our conversation turns into one of education. We are going to be educating you on your gums, your teeth, your jaw, and your habits, and hopefully highlighting the real reasons why your teeth have come to this point that you actually need to see us.

Why is that important? It’s extremely important because that’s going to determine how we move forward and how we plan the treatment for you.

There are again, different ways that we can do the treatment. Our philosophy and our priority is making the appropriate treatment plan that’s going to be long-lasting and effective in your mouth.

We achieve this initially by going through and taking some detailed scans, X-Rays, potentially some moulds of your teeth, as well as detailed photographs.

What Happens At Your Initial Consultation In Bondi, Bondi Junction, Sydney At Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

Then we literally put everything on a big screen. We rearrange it, and then we start breaking down things that we see in line with things that you tell us in our initial conversation.

Once we’ve done all that, collected all our data and I have taken the time to process and consider, you will come back for what’s called the traditional initial consultation.

Our approach is discovery and education first. Planning and customisation second. Execution, third. This way, we know exactly how to shape, accommodate, and give you the result that you truly need, not just want, in your journey with Sydney Cosmetic Dentist.

So if you like the sound of our approach, we would love to take care of you.

Simply call us on 02 9369 1236, complete the form on our website, or send us a DM on social media, and we’ll help you organise our “initial conversation”. See you in the next video.

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