Robert’s All-Teeth-on-Four Journey in Zetland

We’re not just dabbling in cosmetic dentistry, but reshaping lives one tooth at a time. Get ready to dive into a raw and real patient story in Zetland that’s all about empowerment, pushing boundaries, and keeping things real in the world of implants and restorative artistry. Here we go!

I am a restorative guy by choice. Which means I am passionate about sculpting and preserving teeth with a total focus on function and artistry. Often though, my rehabilitations require solutions for teeth that have simply come to see me far too late!

Therefore we need to recreate nature with the solution of a dental implant!

However, fixing a full row of bad teeth with implants when your natural teeth can not be rescued or have been lost, is a different animal.

It’s a serious,yet empowering deal!

I’m posting this so I can push boundaries and lift the standard of both patient and dentist education!

It’s my “Accountability!”

I love this case because of the empowerment we gave a young deserving man!

You don’t know what people’s story or journey is all about.

Yes as health providers we are rewarded, but seeing the change in a patient’s eyes… The “Giving Back” … is the ultimate prize.

This is an acknowledgement to ‘My Why”

It comes from a position of gratitude for having the critical support around me to keep challenging myself with every case I do… from like minded team members who are also mentors, advocates and pioneers.

That’s the ethical and professional standard that you should be looking for in your dental creator!

Because if we push ourselves as an industry and a profession, it’s our patients that will benefit.

This is my commitment to your Cosmetic Dentistry…

Just another of the non negotiable parts of my treatment that you get.

That you invest in!

An investment in me is a lifetime commitment to providing you with the dentistry that you need today and the possibilities of the future!

By implementing my SAFE PRINCIPLES of


We curate lives full of empowerment by mastering your perfect smile.

That’s why our Patients are special. Each individual smile is customised as it passes every critical control point that I have strategically implemented in my smile rehabilitation systems.

I eliminate guesswork through a predictable process that allows my unique creativity to shine.

Get ready for an authentic patient journey in Zetland, filled with empowerment, boundary-pushing and restorative artistry. Ready to embark on this incredible journey?

Contact us now to transform your smile and be part of this extraordinary experience. Let’s create your remarkable smile in Zetland together!

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