Patrick’s Upper and Lower Perfect 10™️ Journey in Bondi Junction

Diving into the dental scene of Bondi Junction, we’re shaking things up! Because here is the deal, the aesthetics of the new smile might stir debates, but it’s all about what ultimately empowers the patient!

The details here are simple.

We established life altering confidence with this transformation.

We achieved this with stability, function and a fresh aesthetic, creating the Ultimate empowerment for this patient. All under the banner of my PERFECT 10™️ approach. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to business. No guesswork, just pure, predictable artistry!

It doesn’t really matter whether you like the shape of the new smile or not.

The point is that this precise customisation brought out the most empowerment for Patrick!

An even bigger point is that if you’re going to challenge the anatomy and what was there originally, you have to do it in a way that follows my Trademarked principles of S.A.F.E Dentistry.


That’s how we frame your new smile for a lifetime of confidence.

The mouth is my canvas and teeth are my art.

That’s the value that I provide through my trademarked smile makeover, The PERFECT 10™️.

That’s why our Patients are special. Each individual smile is customised as it passes through critical control points that I have strategically implemented in my PERFECT 10™️ smile system.

I eliminate guesswork through a predictable process that allows my unique creativity shine.

That is why the PERFECT 10™️ is the Perfect Smile..

By implementing my SAFE PRINCIPLES of

My PERFECT 10™️ becomes your perfect smile.

That’s safe cosmetic dentistry with an artist flare.

Thank you for embarking on this vibrant dental journey with us in Bondi Junction! We understand the importance of prioritizing your desire for ultimate empowerment, focusing on stability, function and a customised aesthetic through our PERFECT 10™️ approach.

Now, it’s time to take the next step and contact us to unveil your dream smile and embrace the new you. Let’s make your dental transformation a reality today!

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