Bonnie’s Upper Perfect 10™️ Journey in Double Bay

Ever wondered what “healing” truly means in the misleading world of cosmetic dentistry? Buckle up, because here in Double Bay, we’re not just talking about the final glitz of porcelain.

We’re diving into a complicated story about the nitty-gritty of designing top-notch temporary teeth, making good and delivering the PERFECT 10™️. No more guessing games – we’re bringing unique creativity into the spotlight. Ready to ride?

What is “healing” and why is it important?

Healing does not start once the final porcelain is fitted.

It starts when you design the new case.

Part of the design process is designing appropriate provisional (Temporary) Teeth to allow for the Pink smile or gums to receive the new teeth.

Everytime I have had to redo a case from another dentist, the first thing I have noticed is that the existing gums do not frame the teeth according to my standards.

Therefore we need to treatment plan and design your smile with a total health approach, not just the teeth.

These are the differences between “Veneers” from down the road…

And the PERFECT 10™️

I created this approach of predictability and artistry with My PERFECT 10™️ ️ to service both what Patients want and what Patients need.

That’s my difference. The mouth is my canvas and teeth are my art.

That’s the value that I provide through my trademarked smile makeover system, The PERFECT 10™️.

That’s why our Patients are special. Each individual smile is customised as it passes through critical control points that I have strategically implemented in my PERFECT 10™️ smile system.

I eliminate guesswork through a predictable process that allows my unique creativity to shine.

That is why the PERFECT 10™️ is the Perfect Smile..

By implementing my SAFE PRINCIPLES of

My PERFECT 10™️ becomes your perfect smile.

That’s safe cosmetic dentistry with an artist flare.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through cosmetic dentistry in Double Bay. Stay tuned for more extraordinary stories and breakthroughs as we continue to transform smiles. To learn more or book an appointment, feel free to contact us. Keep smiling with radiance!

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